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 EPE Research

The Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) of TGGS is established since 2002. The EPE is working on the following research areas :

• Power System Protection

• Electric Drive and Battery Technology

• High Voltage

In each research area a comprehensive experimental verification of the proposed theoretical concepts. The investigations are currently carried out by reaearchers and PhD students as well as master students under full or partial funding by national and international industry partners.

  Sample Research Topics


  Design of BLDC Motor for Electric Bicycle

  At present, electric bicycles are drawing public   interest due to low initial investment costs in   comparison to electric cars. Moreover, no   complicated traffic regulations are applied and there   is an advantage of energy saving . Many countries   have set supporting policies to encourage the usage   of electric bicycles in order to suppress traffic   pollution.

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  Design Optimization of Switched Reluctance
  Machine using Genetic and Fuzzy Algorithms

  Switched reluctance machines (SRMs) have very   simple construction resulting in high reliability and   low manufacturing costs comparing with other   machines. Opposite to their structure, it is very   complicated and difficult to design these kinds of   machines. To simplify and shorten the design   process, genetic and fuzzy algorithms are utilized.

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  Development of an Automated Characterization   Test Bench for Switched Reluctance Machines

  The magnetic characteristic of the switched   reluctance machines(SRMs) is highly nonlinear. As a   result, there is no mathematical equation to describe   their behavior completely. In order to control this   machine type, it is necessary to have the information   of the flux-linkage and static torque characteristic.
  Thus, an automated characterization test bench has   been developed in order to reduce the measured   time and to avoid the human errors in measuring   data.

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  Development of Controller for Electric Bicycles

  In the frame of this project, TGGS has developed a   motor controller of electric bicycle for LA E-Ride. The   controller is designed for a brushless DC motor,   which is the most widely used motor type in electric   bicycles. The power range of this controller is 180 -   250 W with the nominal voltage of 36 V and the   maximum current of 30 A. The controller is used in   two different bicycle concepts, which are electrically   power assisted cycle (EPAC) and scooter.

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  High Voltage and Partial Discharge Test   Laboratory

  High voltage equipments must be tested in a high   voltage laboratory according to standards.
  Disruptive, breakdown, withstand voltage and partial   discharge can be performed in the lab.
  High voltage testing is used to access the insulation   property of gas, liquid and solid.
  High voltage test should be performed according to   the standards (IEC, ANSI, IEEE, BSI etc.)

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  Program Development for High Voltage   Substation Performance Evaluation

  A large number of substations in Thailand nearly
  reach end of life.
  Many HV devices with various ages and different
  operating and maintenance conditions make it
  difficult to assess their actual condition.
  The priority of maintenance/renovation tasks
  should be clearly defined due to the resource
  With this program, the utility can reduce their
  investment & maintenance costs and increase their
  network reliability.

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